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First off, most RPGs have a leveling up system so that you get stronger as you progress, usually with experience points. Most Zelda games do this differently. They power you with hearts you earn from boss battles and find hidden throughout the game. Breath of the Wild adds to this by letting you upgrade your endurance as well. However, Zelda II, the odd child of the series, did have a leveling system with experience points.

Next, RPGs have gear you can buy and acquire to further power yourself up. And anyone who has played a Zelda games knows that gear is a big part of the game. And as for the story, every Zelda game has the standard RPG story of completing dungeons until you are strong enough to defeat the great evil at the end of the game. Yet most RPGs have multiple characters that join your party to fight with you. In Zelda games (with the exception of Hyrule Warriors) Link fights all by himself, with the occasional character joining in for a single dungeon or fight.

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I don’t really how to answer this question. But I’ll try. To those who truly follow hip hop, Tupac always had more of a reputation as an urban poet. His lyrics were crafted in a very deliberate, passionate, and thoughtful manner. He was heavily influenced by his mother who was a member of the Black Panthers and consequently his music often came across as a form of activism. In addition, he was clearly a highly intelligent person who used his music and lyrics as a vehicle through which to communicate the various injustices and frustrations faced by African-American inner city people. Others before Tupac had done the same (NWA perhaps being the most obvious example). But I believe one of the reasons Tupac was so highly regarded as an artist (and not just as a talented rapper) is because he was pretty unique and had other talents (he was a very good actor as well). I don’t believe anyone in their right mind would argue that he wasn’t a hip hop legend. That being said, there are a lot of very good hip hop artists who could rival Tupacs lyrical ability.

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